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The three styles of dental plans include Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO), Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and Indemnity plans.

  • DMO
    This style of dental plan offers a very limited selection of dentists. You select a dentist from a list and obtain all of your dental requirements through this dentist. The DMO style dental plan offers the lowest premiums.
  • PPO
    The PPO dental plan offers a greater selection of dentists than the DMO plan. The plans generally have a two-tier structure. Tier one or in-network provides you with the highest benefits. You can use tier two or out-of-network benefits, but you will generally pay more dollars out of pocket for the services. The premiums for the PPO plans are higher than the DMO and lower than the indemnity plans.
  • Indemnity
    The indemnity plan offers you the greatest flexibility and allows you to see any licensed dentist. The indemnity plan premium is generally higher than the PPO plans.

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Choices in Plans
Most PPO and Indemnity plans will offer the following choices:

  • Calendar year maximum per person $1,000, $1,500 or $2,000
  • Calendar year deductible $25, $50 or $75
  • Orthodontics depends on group size
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